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These "Acupuncture only" appointments are held in one large room with five oversized lay-z-boy chairs. While one patient is resting with their needles in, the next may come in, have a short intake, and have their needles set. A sense of privacy is still felt in this quiet, meditative environment. A Community Acupuncture initial visit lasts about an hour and Community follow up visits last approximately 30 mins to one hour. 


This is a great way for friends or family members to be treated together. It is also a way to make regular, consistent Acupuncture both cost effective and accessible. Many patients do a series of Community sessions with occasional Private sessions mixed in. Some choose to do their initial visit as a private session and then do Community for follow ups (Community initial visits are available as well). Patients are encouraged to try Community sessions with any practitioner. Some continue to rotate practitioners, while others find one and stick with them. There's a lot of flexibility with Community-style!

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