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Why SpringRoot?

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Even after the coldest and longest of New England Winters, the Spring roots somehow always take hold. I am always amazed by this. The season slowly changes and tiny white flowers, Snowdrops, appear. So delicate. They are the first sign of what is to come- the brightest greens, that give way to lush, juicy, full Summer foliage and flowers. How anything outside survives those winters is awe inspriting to me. In New England, the arrival of Spring is marvelous. It reminds us that we survived something.

In Chinese Medicine, we observe cycles in everything. Everything that we experience, from the microcosm of making a cup of tea and drinking it, to the macrocosm of our entire life, goes through the equivilant of a birth, growth, transformation, decline, and a death. Every "little death" leads to the next "birth", and then the cycle starts all over again.

SpringRoot is a reminder that our bodies - emotional, physical, and spiritual - are in alignment with something greater than ourselves. It is a reminder that all things come to an end and that change is inevitable. It is a nod to the hope and potential and power that comes when one thing ends and another begins.

I am often asked if I think Acupuncture can help "this" or help "that". I always answer that I am the optimist. Who am I to predict how one's body is going to respond to this medicine? Every body is different. Pain and conditions of all kinds have a beginning (a birth), a growth, a transformation, a decline, and eventually an end (a death), and at the end there is an opportunity for everything to be completely different.

I love that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be a tool that people use to be empowered through the transformation of whatever is showing up in their lives. I love meeting people where they are at, and together, consciously creating change. And I love midwifing people through their experiences and watching the next birth/beginning happen.

I truly believe that our bodies capability to heal far surpasses what we allow ourselves to believe. SpringRoot creates a space for that healing to happen.

Here's to the resilience in you...let's discover it together.


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